Steven gets
you even.

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Settle debts between
you and your friends
without the awkward.

Doing things we love with people we love is what it’s all about. But settling the expenses afterwards can easily get awkward, even between the best of friends. That’s where Steven comes in, a finance wiz at your fingertips who doesn’t mind keeping track of every expense, remembering who paid for what, and asking everyone to pay up when the time is right.
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Calculates and settles

Who owes who?
When doing stuff with your friends, splitting expenses should be simple. Whether it’s a dinner out, a weekend trip or buying a gift, Steven will calculate who owes who and handle transactions through the app.

Automatic reminders

We all have "that friend"
Forgetting to pay someone is pretty awkward, but reminding someone is often worse. Steven keeps track of paid and automatically sends reminders to those who haven’t.

Keeps track

Get in the Steven state of mind.
Ever had that feeling of not really knowing if you got those 50 bucks back? Steven will make sure you and your friends are always even, so you can think about something else. We can’t guarantee you’ll never be annoyed by a friend again, but at least it will not be because of money.