Steven gets
you even.

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Settle debts between
you and your friends
without the awkward.

Doing things we love with people we love is what it’s all about. But settling the expenses afterwards can easily get awkward, even between the best of friends. That’s where Steven comes in, a finance wiz at your fingertips who doesn’t mind keeping track of every expense, remembering who paid for what, and asking everyone to pay up when the time is right.
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Create groups

For traveling with friends or household

You and your friends may be planning a trip or you need to get a better look at common household expenses. Whether you are two or 30 who share in a group, it all starts with inviting to a group.

Share expenses

Split the bill and the next

Easily split up the expenses you share with your dear ones. Steven summarise and calculates who owes who.


Pay with Swish or Klarna

Last but not least, the finest, payments are integrated into Steven, which means that the app always keeps track of who paid and who needs to be reminded, and reminded again until it's paid.
The app that splits costs between friends
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